Citi Changes from 24 Month Language to 48 Month Language

Ever single credit card issuer has their own rules. Before applying to any issuer, it would be a good idea to learn those specific rules. When it comes to Citi, the rules they have involve a 24 month clock on each specific “family” of cards. If you receive a sign up bonus on any card in that particular family, you would not be eligible for another sign up bonus for another 24 months. Citi is making some changes to that rule.

The Change

Ok so you read the title of this blog post, and you got some chills down your spine. Fair enough, as the way the Citi’s rule are written can be pretty strict and unforgiving. But, I actually think it could be a much better change, and here it is:

Instead of being locked out of any sign up bonus in a family of cards, you will no longer be eligible for each individual card’s sign up bonus for 48 months.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a pretty good change. It will now allow you to get multiple cards in the same family and get two different sign up bonuses. As much as we don’t want to admit it, most people don’t open and close cards as frequently as those of us in the credit game would. Normal people especially don’t open and close and open the same card again within a short amount of time. 

Yes, the 48 month is 2 years longer then it used to be, but I think this will allow for more people to get a Citi setup, and allow people to get more Citi ThankYou points even quicker. Churners may not be excited, but I think this is pretty positive change overall. 

What do you think about this change to the Citi rules? Let us know below!

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