Citi Dividend 2020 Q1 and Q2 Categories

Along with Chase and Discover, Citi also has its own 5% rotating category card. There is a slight twist on the Dividend that I always find pretty interesting though. While both Chase and Discover limit you to a maximum spend of $1,500 per quarter, Citi lets you spend the complete $6,000 within just one quarter. Typically, they announce their calendar ahead of time so you really can plan accordingly.

The Quarters

  • Q1: Supermarkets and Fitness Clubs
  • Q2: Drug Stores and Amazon

Keep in mind, that in order to receive these bonuses, you’ll have to sign up for these offers and activate them. Even if you spend inside of the category, but didn’t activate, you would only earn 1%. If you’re looking to activate, you can click here, sign into your account, or call the number on the back of your credit card.

Final Thoughts

For some reason, I thought they would announce the entire year at one time. In either case, both Q1 and Q2 offer the ability to work through the $6,000 yearly budget pretty easily. Organically, if you spend $100 a week on groceries, that you would a total of $1,200 by the end of the quarter. Besides the fact that gym memberships can be pretty expensive, especially if you pay for a certain period at the same time. For those of you that want to get more value in Q1, you can always buy gift cards at your local super market.

As far as Q2 is concerned, you’ll have another opportunity to buy gift cards, this time at drug stores. While I’m not a big Amazon user, I think there’s a ton of people out there that can get some great value by shopping online at Amazon.

However you plan to go about it, I think both of the quarters that Citi announced can be pretty valuable to those trying to maximize the amount of cashback you can earn. 

What do you think about these categories? Do you have a high spend in any of these? Let us know your strategy down in the comment section below.

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