Citi Gives $200 Annual Credit to Subscriptions for Citigold Members

Why does it seem like the rich get richer? Because they don’t pay for things as most of us would. This would be one of those instances where it’s absolutely true! It looks like Citi has added another benefit for those that are Citigold members (reserved for those individuals that have $200,000 invested in Citi).

The News

If you happen to have $200,000 invested with Citi, you are eligible to be a Citigold member. Being a Citigold member of course has other benefits, but they just added a new one that is pretty interesting.

Every year, Citigold members are eligible to receive a $200 credit towards a few different subscriptions which include: Amazon Prime, Audible, Spotify, Hulu, TSA Precheck/Global Entry, and Costco. In order to get the credit, you will have to login to your Citigold account and select the service you will be using the credit for. Once selected, you pay the subscription with your Citigold debit card, and you will receive a refund for it. Of course, it’s you’ll only receive a benefit for $200 worth of things. 

As of writing, the benefit is only available in the states of NY, NJ, and CT. It will become nationwide later. Additionally, you must register before December 14th, and any purchase on December 30th after 11:59 EST will count for the next year. 

Final Thoughts

I think it’s great when you actually get benefits for having a certain amount of money invested in certain banks. The interesting benefit here is having a TSA Precheck/Global Entry credit. While many of us reading this probably get this benefit through our credit cards, it probably isn’t the most well known of benefits fo the average person. I suppose it technically counts as a subscription.

Either way, this seems like a nice way to get Amazon Prime + Costco membership for free every year!

Which deal combination would you take for your $200 credit? Let us know below!

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