Citi is Cracking Down on Matching Offers

Have you ever applied for a credit card, and then two days later, there is an increased sign up bonus on the card, with an all time high offer? Some issuers can be understanding, and will match you to the newer offer, while other banks will not budge or help you out. 

New Policy

Typically in the past, Citi has been pretty lenient when it comes to matching offers. All you would have to do is either call in or send a secured message and the representative helping would be able to match offers without a hitch. They would even match offers with different annual fees. A great example of this was with the Citi Premier card. Normally it has a 50,000 point offer with the annual fee waived within the first year. There was an increased offer of 60,000 points without the annual fee waived. Many people were able to apply for the 50,000 point offer without the annual fee, and then get 60,000 point offer.

Herein, I believe, is causing the change to the policy. Many users were able to circumvent annual fees, and I think Citi has noticed. People are reporting that even if it is possible to match any offer, it is much harder to do so. Plenty of reports are showing Citi will no longer budge on matching any offer.

Final Thoughts

While I think the biggest issue for Citi has been the ability to circumvent annual fees, it looks like for the time being, it may not be possible to match offers. While they definitely have no obligation to match, it does stink when you applied for a card, only for them to offer a much higher offer not too long afterwards. 

If I were to offer a sort of compromise on this, it would be that the annual fee should remain the same in order for you to match the offer. For instance, in the Citi Premier case, either you would not be able to match to the 60,000 point offer because of the differing annual fee. If you wanted to match to the higher offer, you would have to pay the additional annual fee. If they just happened to offer 60,000 points without an annual fee as well, then you should be able to match to the increased offer.

What do you guys think about these changes? Have you been able to match a Citi offer recently? Let us know below!

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