Citi is Removing Most Benefits on All Cards

If you are running, or are considering running a Citi based credit card setup, we’ve got some pretty bad news for you that could change that thought. 

The Changes

Starting September 22nd, 2019, Citi is removing pretty much every benefit on all of their credit cards. The benefits in question include: 

  • Worldwide car rental insurance
  • Trip Cancelation
  • Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance
  • Trip Delay Protection
  • Baggage Delay Protection
  • Lost Baggage Protection
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Price Rewind
  • 90 day Return Protection
  • Missed Event Ticket Protection
  • Roadside Assistance 
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance

Instead of listing each individual card and which benefits are being lost, it’s easier to just say list the benefits that are staying. All cards will keep the warranty and purchase protection (except for the Double Cash and the Citi Dividend). Additionally, the Citi Prestige card will keep the cell phone insurance and 4th night free benefit (of course it’s not unlimited anymore but still).

Final Thoughts

This is a HUGE devaluation for every Citi credit card out there. Other than the direct credits and discounts the premium travel credit cards offer, the next best things are the benefits and coverage that they offer. What is the point of having a travel credit card if it doesn’t cover you from anything travel related? Why would you want to put travel spend on that credit card?

Even on the regular, cashback credit cards Citi offers, benefits are being removed too. A ton of people would use the Double Cash to take advantage of some of the benefits that only Citi offered. 

With all of these benefits being removed, I think it’s hard to recommend people go for a Citi based setup. If the cards don’t offer benefits that come standard on just about every other credit card, why would you focus on Citi? There’s still time in between now and September 22nd, so we will see if these benefits are actually completely leaving, or if some of them may return shortly after.

What are your thoughts on Citi removing these benefits? If you have a Citi based setup, are you considering switching over to a different setup? Let us know below!

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