Citi is the New Wayfair Partner

We just recently wrote about how Commenity was shutting down most Wayfair cards. It seems like a few people got lucky and didn’t get closed out, but for the most part, if you happen to have the older card, you’re most likely out of luck. However, the replacement cards are now on their way!

The News

Citi is the new issuer of the Wayfair credit card. With the new partnership, there will be two different Wayfair cards, a store card and a Mastercard. The details are listed below:

Both cards will have a sign up bonus of $40 off any Wayfair purchase of $250 or more.

  • 5%: Wayfair (both cards)
  • 3%: grocery stores (Mastercard only)
  • 2%: online purchases (Mastercard only)
  • 1%: All other purchases (Mastercard only)

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, if you had the existing cards from Commenity, your account has been closed. This means that if you want to get your hands on a Wayfair card, you’ll have to apply for the card again, but now you’ll have to undergo Citi’s underwriting.

If I have an opinion to give, is that this is a mistake. I feel that Citi is one of the more conservative mainstream lenders out there, so to have a card that is more targeted for lower incomes seems like a mismatched. I’ve heard reports of expel who have previously held the card who are getting denied now. I would hope that Citi would adjust the underwriting based on the target audience, but we’ll see if that happens in the future. Just know that if you want a Wayfair credit card, your credit report better be on point!

What do you think about the new Wayfair partnership? Have you held the previous card before? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below!

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