Citi Offering 10x For Shopping, Groceries, and Gas (Targeted)

Why does it seem like we’re talking about only Citi the last few days? Well, they are the ones that are out here really trying hard to get you to use their cards, with these increased point bonuses. If you didn’t have either a Prestige or Premier, maybe you can still join in on the fun.

The Offer

Citi is sending out emails for the ability to earn 10x on shopping, groceries, and gas. The offer has a maximum earn of 2,500 points and is valid until August 31st. The offer excludes restaurants, entertainment, cable, and streaming purchases. Keep in mind, this is a targeted offer, and not available to everybody.

Final Thoughts

If you do the math, the limit of 2,500 points at 10x means that this offer is only good for a total spend of $250. Still, while that threshold is pretty low, that also means its pretty easy to max out and get some pretty easy points. If you have a Citi card and get this offer, I think it’s absolutely worth doing. Unless you’re meeting a sign up bonus, you probably aren’t earning 10x.

Let us know in the comment section below if you got this offer!

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