Citi Offering 5-10x on Select Categories

Is it just me or is Citi really trying to come up with a ton of different offers for people to use their credit cards? At this point it feels like there is constantly a promotion! Though is that really a bad thing, for their customers to use their cards? Keep in mind, this is a targeted offer, but still.

The Offer

 Card Type/Point AmountCategories
10xThankYou Cards & AA CardsGrocery, drugstore, and transit, gas stations and restaurants (YMMV)
10xAA cards & ExpediaOnline purchases
5xThankYou CardsHome improvement, home furnishing, computer and electronic stores, department stores, and online purchases
5xAA cardsComputer and electronic stores

For just about all of these offers, there is a maximum of 2,500 points earned at these increased point earning amounts. These offers must be added to the cards by August 15th, with an expiration date of September 30th.

Final Thoughts

These new offers are all targeted offers, however, from what I’m seeing, they are widely targeted. Offers are showing up from not only Citi’s core ThankYou card, but also for American Airlines, and even the Expedia card.

The offer itself sounds better on paper, as 10x sounds great, until you realize that you are only able to earn a maximum of 2,500 points. For the 10x offers, that would put you at a maximum spend of $250, and the 5x offers would be a maximum of $500. Still, this offer isn’t a super long lasting offer either, being over in 2 months. It seems like a great way to get some good use out of the card with the offer on it, and then switch to something else after meeting the threshold.

Have you been targeted for any of these offers? Are you going to go ahead and do any of them? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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