Citi Prestige $250 Travel Credit Can Be Used at Supermarkets and Restaurants

Don’t you just hate how coronavirus has just ruined 2020? We’re not allowed to travel, and even if we could tomorrow, would we be in a rush to do it? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for certain, there are a lot of travel related benefits on a lot of travel related credit cards that can’t be used right now. Of course, the credit card issuers are trying to do anything in their power so that you do get value and not cancel the card. After all, some of these travel cards charge in excess of $495 a year!

The News

If you happen to hold a Citi Prestige card, and haven’t already used your $250 travel benefit for this year, you are in luck. Between May 1st and December 31, 2020, Citi will allow you to use your credit on grocery stores and restaurants. 

Final Thoughts

I think this is great news. With each passing day, it seems like it’s getting more and more unlikely that we will travel the same way we used to by the end of the year. Credits like these would go to waste, and it would make it very unlikely that many would keep the card. With Citi allowing us to use the credit for groceries and restaurants, at least we can get some food out of it.

How do you feel about Citi and other credit card issuers allowing us to use travel credits for things other than travel? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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