Citi Prestige Cell Phone Insurance Details Revealed

The Citi Prestige Card is Citi’s ultimate travel card. With its high annual fee, it comes with a ton of benefits, and has recently gone through a major overhaul. With its rerelease, we found out that some of the changes would trickle down to use throughout the 2019 year. One of the most exciting changes was the cell phone insurance; and now we have more details about it!

The News

Starting on May 1st, 2019, it seems that the Citi Prestige card will now offer $1000 in cell phone insurance per claim! Of course, there are some limits to this, which are outlined as follows:

  • There is a max of $1,500 per year in claims
  • There will be a $50 deductible per phone 
  • Cell phone bill must be paid with the Prestige card, and will cover up to 5 phones on the plan. 

Thankfully, with the cell phone insurance through the Prestige, it will cover damage AND theft.

Final Thoughts  

When first announced, I think just about all of us assumed that it would be a $600 benefit, as that is the highest, and standard amount for cell phones. We even wrote about it, assuming that it would be $600! But, lets be real with ourselves, phones are just getting more and more expensive, aren’t they? My note 9 cost more than double that when I bought it last year. So even if I were to max out that $600, I still wouldn’t be anywhere close!

Citi has always been pretty good about these sort of things, just look at the price protection they offer vs their competitors. The $1000 that the Citi Prestige will offer, is pretty amazing, and really pushes the bar up for its competitors. While many cards that offer cell phone insurance have a low annual fee of $95 (or even $0 for the Uber card), the Citi Prestige has a much higher annual fee. I think that higher annual fee will make it easier for Citi to cover the difference. Plus, imagine how much more attractive of a card this becomes, when you offer that much more than your competition! I’m curious to see if any other company will offer any more than $600, or even match the Prestige’s limit when it becomes live in May. 

What do you think of the massive coverage available? Will the cell phone insurance convince you to pick up a Citi Prestige? Let us know below!

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