Citi Prestige Will Earn 5x For Online Purchases (Max 7,500 Points)

While many premium credit cards are offering the ability to use travel related credits to help offset the higher annual fees, it looks like there is now competition for other benefits. How else can these companies ensure that cardholders will use their cards vs another after the credits are used up? By offering more points then the others for purchases!

The Offer

If you had opened the Citi Prestige card before May 23, 2020, you will be eligible for this offer. From June 4th to August 31st, Prestige cardholders will be earning 5x on online purchases

Final Thoughts

Overall I think these sort of moves are a pretty good idea. The new travel credit definitions are what will keep people from downgrading or flat out canceling their cards. The additional point earnings are what will keep the customers using the cards though, which is a win for companies like Citi.

Not to mention I think this is a pretty great category to cover. We’ve got some offering groceries and gas, but there aren’t too many tapping into the online services, which has an infinite potential! Even my frugal self has bought more than I should have online these last couple of months…

What do you think about Citi offering this reward category? If there are any online payments that are not counting, let us know in the comment section below!

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