Citi ThankYou Points Can be Used Towards Minimum Payments

Don’t you just hate when you are earning rewards for all of your purchases that you’re making that month, and realize you actually can’t redeem any of the rewards towards the minimum? Why can’t I use my points to knock off the $5 in cash back that I earned from using the card? Well, Citi is making a change that you may like.

The Change

Citi has made a change for their ThankYou point redemptions. You are now able to use your points to pay for the minimum spend requirement! When using this as an option, the ThankYou points will redeem for 0.8 cents per point.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, why isn’t this more of a thing in the first place? It would be great to use up a card all month, and then be able to offset the balance with the points earned. It’s not like you’d be earning that many points anyway, and they already let you redeem points for statement credit anyway. This just seems like a logical step forward.

If they were worried about you using points at one time, wouldn’t it be a good thing that the points are being depleted anyway?  Either way, this is great news, and I hope other credit card issuers will follow this change from Citi

Is this a redemption you would go for, or would you use your points for something else? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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