Citi Virtual Account Page No Longer Using Flash

One of the most underrated features that some credit card offer is a virtual account number. This is a randomly generated credit card number that is linked to your account. From there, you can use that randomly generated number for websites or other places where you don’t feel safe giving them your real credit card number. This is even more relevant in today’s world with all of the data breaches going on. It’s good news then, that Citi has updated their Virtual Account Number page.

The News

Citi has updated their Virtual Account Number page by switching from Flash to Javascript.

Final Thoughts

With Adobe ending Flash support at the end of 2020, this move makes complete sense. However, the better part about this change is the old flash system caused problems in the past. There was some concern when Citi removed virtual card numbers for American Airlines credit cards, however, with this update, it looks like they are here to stay for the core Citi cards.

Is the virtual credit card number a feature that you use? Let us know down in the comment section below! 

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