Citi Will Exclude Gift Card Purchases From Earning Points (Double Cash)

Just a few days prior, American Express made some changes to its terms on some of its cards that excluded gift cards from earning points. This was always a concern when it came to the sign up bonus, however was never an issue when it just came to regularly spending on the card. With American Express on the attack, it looks like they will have a new ally.

The News

Citi has changed the terms on its double cash card to reflect a few different things. Starting November 1st, the Double Cash card will no longer earn cash rewards: loads or reloads on gift cards, prepaid cards or other cash equivalents, person to person payments, and lottery tickets/gambling. 

Final Thoughts

With this change happening all the way in November, its tough to say how Citi will go about this. Obviously, the person that is really manufactured spending by buying tons of $500 visa gift cards with the card will not earn points. However, what about the large majority of people who just purchase a gift card every now and then inside of their grocery shop? Will the gift card be excluded from the grocery shop spending? Or is Citi just adding this in their terms to cover themselves from obvious abuse? I guess there is only one way to find out!

What do you think of the recent trend for card issuers to add these terms to their credit cards? Let us know below!

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