City National Bank Lowers Visa Infinite Sign Up Bonus

The Visa Infinite card from City National Bank is a really underrated credit card and I’m not sure why that may the case. It’s a Visa Infinite card, but unlike the Chase Sapphire Reserve, it actually offers the $100 flight discount on 2+ airline tickets on round trip domestic flights. The only other mainstream credit card to offer that was the Ritz Carlton card, which is no longer open to new applications. 

Besides the Visa Infinite discount, it’s also a pretty good card with a good signup bonus. However, we’ve got some pretty disappointing news.

The Change

The standard sign up bonus on the Visa Infinite card is 50,000 points for spending $5,000 within the first 3 months. From time to time, City National has increased the sign up bonus to either 75,000 or even 100,000 points with the same amount of spend.

Now, City National is decreasing the sign up bonus down to 30,000 points for spending $5,000. 

Visa Infinite Card Summary

The Visa Infinite card from City National comes with a $400 annual fee. However, like any high annual fee credit card, there are numerous ways that users can make up for the fee. 

The most exciting benefit of the card is the Visa Infinite benefit that includes a $100 discount on all round trip domestic airline tickets if you buy 2 or more. Depending on how often you fly can really pay for the annual fee for itself really quick. All it would take is 4 flights per year.

There is also a $250 airline credit for incidentals including checking in a bag and seat upgrades. Interestingly enough, any authorized user (up to 4) can also earn this airline credit. Additionally, there is a $100 Global Entry/TSA Precheck credit every 4 years. 

Cardholders will have unlimited access to Priority Pass lounges with access for guests. The first authorized user also gets this benefit. Finally, there is concierge service and 12 Gogo credits per year. 

Final Thoughts

I think the Visa Infinite card from City National is a pretty good value proposition. The card is just sitting here and not too many people know much about it. If you were to jump on this offer, I would do so before August 1st. Otherwise, it may be worth waiting for an increased offer. I’m sure we will see limited time sign up bonuses of at least 50,000 points in the near future. Even still, depending on how often you fly, you can completely make up the annual fee on the card from just 4 round trip domestic flights every single year. 

What do you think of the Visa Infinite Card from City National Bank? Have you been able to get benefit from the Authorized users? Is it worth applying for with the lower sign up bonus? Let us know below!

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