City National Bank Visa Infinite Changes

Much to the dismay of City National Bank, they offered one of the best Visa Infinite cards that you could have obtained. Whenever most think about Visa Infinite cards, they are quick to think about the $100 airline credit for domestic round trip flights; and this card did offer that benefit as well. However, there were some more behind the scene things that could squeeze out even more value. It looks like City National Bank has caught on, and are currently making changes to reflect them. 

The Changes

These changes will be active as of January 1st, 2020. With its track record of not offering any sort of refund to the annual fee, be sure to cancel before that date if you so chose. 

  • Visa Infinite Discount Air Benefit Is Being Discontinued
  • $95 annual fee per authorized user
  • Up to $350 of airline incidentals per account calendar year instead of $250 per user
  • Priority Pass Access Will Not Cover Guests, only cardholders. Guests are additional $32 per visit
  • Gas and/or groceries are being removed from net purchases that accrue 3 points for each one dollar spent

Final Thoughts

The two biggest losses in my opinion are the loss of the beloved Visa Infinite $100 Air Discount. The second of course is the ability to earn a $250 Airline incidental credit including for each and every Authorized user. Instead, City National is being pretty reasonable and moving to a $350 per account for Airline Incidentals. I think it would have been pretty easy for them to $250 across the entire account. Still, if you spend $95 for an authorized user, that would put give you the privilege of spending an additional $5 over the standard $250 per card. So really, I think this is a better change. 

Another pretty major loss is that Priority Pass membership will only cover the cardholder and not any guests. I think this is a mistake, and should cover at least 1 additional guest. However, I am not the one that pays for that benefit, so who knows how much more expensive that would be. Still, many others either do not restrict guest numbers. If they do, they give you up to 2 additional guests, or at the very lest give you a total of 10 Priority Pass Lounge entrances per year which can be used for guests. 

Depending on how much you spend on airline incidentals every year, these changes could be very negative or alright. In my opinion, the loss of the Visa Infinite Air discount really plays into the negative changes for me and makes it much harder to justify.

What do you think about these changes? Does the increase of $100 to the Airline Incidental credit make this card worth it still? Let us know down in the comment section below how you feel about them. 

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