Club Lounges Add New Restrictions

When it comes to flying, my absolute favorite part is the lounge experience beforehand. If you’re going to a new city, it’s fun to see how the lounges compare to the ones you’re familiar with. If on the other hand, you are going to a lounge for a repeat visit, there is nothing wrong with getting some food and drinks while you relax before your flight. 

The sad truth is that people really value this experience, and lounges are getting more and more crowded. This overcrowding is leading to restrictions on entry. Lounges operated by “The Club” are now implementing some of these entry restrictions.

The Restrictions

As of September 1st, 2019, there are 2 new restrictions being observed in every lounge operated by “The Club”. The restrictions are listed below:

  • You are not allowed in until your flight is within 3 hours
  • Children under 2 are admitted for free

Previously, so long as you had a boarding pass with a flight leaving the same day, you would be good to go. Now though, you are not allowed in the lounge until the flight is within 3 hours (ex. 8pm flight, you’d have to wait until at least 5pm to be allowed in). The second restriction involves free entry for children. Previously, you used to be able to bring in a child 12 years old or younger for free, which has now been pushed back to 2 years old. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, lounges are becoming incredibly popular, especially as more and more credit cards offering entry to them. As the crowds rise, so do restrictions in order to keep the lounge experience a good one. The 3 hour restriction we’ve seen before at quite a few lounges, with the Centurion Lounges being the most popular. The move from only admitting 2 year olds for free as opposed to 12 year olds should greatly reduce the number of big families coming in as well, saving a ton of space. 

For me personally, I don’t mind restrictions like these. It definitely makes the lounge experience better if it is less crowded. I also may be biased as I don’t have a family that I need to bring in, but that is a different story. The only time it could be a bother if is you have a 5+hour layover, but you could always explore the airport for 2 hours before heading over to the lounge anyway.

What do you think about lounge restrictions like these? Let us know below!

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