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Capital One Opening Up Lounge at IAD in 2021

Be honest. When you read this headline, did you think it was true? Or better yet, did you think Capital One would be the second credit card company to open …

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Some Capital One Cards Changing Networks

So this is a weird one, but I figured that it may be good to know for the people that this will impact. Captial One in making some minor changes …

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Amazon Shopping

Capital One Points Now Redeemable on Amazon

Amazon truly is a powerhouse of a company isn’t it? They have partnered with so many different credit card companies, it looks bad if you aren’t partnered with them at …

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Plastiq Accepting Capital One Business Cards Again

Sign up bonuses is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn a lot of points or cashback through a credit card. However, sometimes it’s difficult to spend the money quick enough, and you’ll have to get creative. Maybe somewhere you wouldn’t normally think would accept credit cards, may…
Quantas Airlines

Capital One Transfer Bonus to Qantas

One of the best ways to get value from your credit card reward points is by transferring out the points to a travel partner. While points themselves may be worth 1 cent or so if you redeem them for cash, sometimes you can get some much greater value from the…

Capital One Officially Takes Over Walmart Credit Card

After a long dispute between Walmart, Synchrony, and Capital One, the new Walmart credit card has launched! There are actually two different credit cards that you can chose from. A MasterCard that can be used anywhere, and a store card that only works at Walmart, more details are listed down…
Handshake with Business Partner

Capital One Business Cards $1,000 (Targeted) Offer

In the traditional sense, the great appeal for having a business credit card is so to easily separate out your personal and business expenses. However, this may be a case of the second reason to get a business credit card, and that is a very rewarding sign up bonus! The…

Capital One Spark Business Card Offering Referrals

Do you happen to know of a business that could use a Capital One Spark credit card? Depending on the offer you have been targeted for, you could receive either $100, 200, or 300 for your referral! Keep in mind for not only yourself but the other business that the…

Capital One Spark Business Card Adds TSA Pre/Global Entry Credit

When it comes to travel credit cards with annual fees, many cards come with a TSA Precheck/Global Entry credit. Both of these programs offer a way to make your airport experience better. TSA Precheck allows you to get through security faster on domestic flights, whereas Global Entry allows you to…
Outdoor Business Meeting

Capital One Offering Referral Bonuses on Business Cards

If you happen to have a Spark Business card from Capital One, you could be in for a treat. Check those email boxes to see if you have been targeted! This is for both the Spark Cash and Spark Miles cards. The Offers There are actually three different offers for…
Jet Engine Turbine

JetBlue Becomes a Capital One Transfer Partner, 50% Bonus at Launch

Capital One shocked us all last November when they introduced transfer partners to its reward program. Since then, they have added in a few new airlines to the program a month late. It seems that they are on a roll, and adding another one! The News Capital One is adding…

Popular Credit Cards That Offer Instant Numbers

Have you ever been in a situation where you really need to buy something, and you apply for a new card, but it takes almost two weeks to arrive? What if you’re at a hotel and you get asked if you’d like to apply for the card? Wouldn’t you like…
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