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Chase Expands Their Pay Yourself Back – Business Cards and 2021

Not too long ago, Chase introduced a feature for their core cards called pay yourself back. It allows you to “erase” purchases that you make with the cashback/points that you’ve …

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Is Chase Finally Loosening Up Their Business Card Applications?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus related lockdowns, banks have been on the defensive. While they were doing their best to help people out in the beginning, they started implementing …

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IHG Hotel in Shangai

Chase IHG Premier All Time High Sign Up Bonus

The IHG Premier card from Chase is definitely one of those cards you should consider if you end up traveling at least once a year. While it may not be …

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Chase Sapphire Preferred 80k Point Signup Bonus

Well, well, well, with the introduction of the new Freedom Flex and the changes both cards have gone through, it is no surprise that Chase is starting to make some changes to their Sapphire cards! The News If you take a look at the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you’d see that…
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Chase Freedom Flex Now Available for New Apps

We recently wrote about how Chase renamed revamped the Chase Freedom by introducing the Freedom Flex card. Not only does it offer the same 5% rotating categories that the original Freedom offered, but it also introduces new categories that are pretty high in earning potential. There has been an update…

Chase Freedom 5% Q4 2020 Categories

You read the title, so you know exactly what I’m going to say for the next couple of sentences. Why can’t Chase announce these categories sooner than 2 weeks before the quarter starts! Citi and Discover seem to have no problem in doing so! Well, right on time, we have…

Chase Announces Freedom Flex Card

Don’t you just hate when there are multiple cards in the same credit card family, and because of how closely they are named, you don’t know which card is which? Take for instance, the Marriott Bonvoy cards or even the Hilton cards. Even me, as a credit card blogger, can…
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Chase Completing Income Verification For Credit Card Applications

I can’t say that I blame them, but ever since March, Chase has made tightened up their lending to cover themselves. This has been in the form of increasing the requirements for mortgage loans, denying just about every small business card application, and even cutting credit limits. This is another…
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Chase Private Client To Add Monthly Fee for Those With Less Than 150k

One thing I’ve learned throughout my life is that the rich get richer. The reason behind that is because oftentimes, they are financially educated, and know how to keep their money working for them. Not many people have an extra $250,000 in cash laying around. But say you did, and…
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Earn 5x for Shipping and Advertising on Chase Business Cards

Do you own a business that spends a lot in shipping and advertising? Is that why you picked up a Chase business card in the first place? To get as many points as possible every time you spend money there? Well, I’ve got some good news if you happen to…

Marriott Offering Easier Status Matching

When it comes to hotel programs, it can make a lot of sense to go really heavy into one of them, and match the status to the other hotel programs you’re interested in. While many status matches are just done by showing your status, there are some companies like Marriott…

Hyatt Extending Free Night Certificates

One of the best ways to get value from credit cards is through the use of hotel credit cards. Many of them that charge an annual fee offer a free night to make up for that fee. In many instances, the free night is worth more than the cost of…
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