Crystal Visa Infinite Earning 4x on Airline, Hotels, and Car Rentals (Targeted)

Some people are reporting that they are getting targeted for an offer on their Crystal Visa Infinite card. This offer is coming directly in the mail, so be sure to check those mailboxes if you have the Crystal Visa Infinte card!

The Offer

Typically speaking, the original point earning on the card will give you 3x points on many different travel categories. However from May 15th to August 15th, 2019, you will be able to earn an additional point on some purchases! These purchases that will earn 4x include purchases made at airlines, hotels, and car rentals agencies. 

Final Thoughts

Seeing that the points on this card are worth 1.3 cents per point, it would give you a total return of 5.2 cents per point. That isn’t a bad return by any means, however depending on how you value points at its competitors it could be towards the low side. That being said, this is one of the Visa Infinite cards that give you a $100 rebate for domestic round trip flights for 2+ people, so that is something to consider too. 

Have you been targeted for this offer? What do you think about it? Is is better to use this card, or another card that may earn more points? Let us know below!

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