Delta Sky Club Enforcing Physical Platinum Card for Guest Access

When it comes to traveling, one of the best credit card benefits is the access to airline lounges. While they’ve increased in popularity in recent years, it definitely beats out having to wait for your airplane at the gate. Not only do you get free food and drinks, but the chairs are so much more comfortable! It’s generally quiet, and in some cases even take a shower and freshen up before your flight!

It’s a shame then, that Delta is technically making it more difficult (more like annoying) to actually get in the lounges.

The News

It’s looking like the Delta Sky Club Lounges are actually enforcing rules that have been in place a long time ago. Some people are reporting that American Express cardholders can only get into the Delta Sky Club Lounges if they have their physical Platinum card with them. In addition, if you do bring in a guest, the $39 fee must be paid with the Platinum card as well.

Final Thoughts

If I’m being honest, I’ve never been a fan of things like this, although I always make sure to bring my physical cards with me. In my day to day life, and especially when traveling, I like to keep my wallet as light as possible. While the American Express Platinum card is a great card to have for the right person, there is no denying that once you actually go ahead and purchase a flight at 5x, there isn’t really much of a need to physically carry it with you, especially if you are traveling internationally (how I miss this) where acceptance is less than in the United States. You’re only earning 1x everywhere else! The Gold card would be much more useful here.

Either way, like I said earlier, I always do physically bring the card with me if there’s space. I will always carry my Priority Pass cards with me, as I would always carry the Platinum if that was my way into a lounge.

As for why they are enforcing this now? I’m not sure. However, maybe with coronavirus being prevalent, they want to limit the number of people that actually use the lounge? Seems like an easy way to deny entry. Or maybe it’s just because it’s easy to fake that you have the Platinum card? Who knows the real reason? The main takeaway is make sure you’ve got a physical key into the airport lounge!

Has your experience in the Delta Sky Club Lounges been the same as this? Let us know down in the comment section below if you’ve had to show your physical card, and if you do actually keep it on you when you travel!

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