Discover Adds Clarity to Referral Bonuses

I love nothing more than helping my friends and family in need. Even better, is when I also get rewarded for that help too! Now I’m not saying I only help out because I expect anything in return, but still, it does help. When it comes to Discover and referring people to their cards, there was a real lack of motivation to help friends and family get their cards. Not because it products are bad, in fact, I think they’re great. The problem had to do with the lack of information shown to the person applying for their cards. 

The News

Previously, if you referred someone to your Discover card, the person applying would not see any information regarding a sign up bonus on top of the standard cash back match. Some of these people applying are entitled to a $50-$100 offer. So it’s nice to know what you need to do to get that money!

Now, Discover has made a change that makes it abundantly clear for the person applying. There is now a message that states how much you’ll get as a statement credit after your first purchase within the first 3 months of approval. 

Final Thoughts

I think more clarity is the best sort of policy you can strive for. I find it interesting then, that Discover didn’t start out the referral program with this change in mind. Maybe people weren’t as oppressed with sign up bonuses as they are today? Still, this is something that should have been made clear, and it’s great to see that it is now.

Have you ever gotten a sign up bonus from Discover in addition to the cash back match? Let us know the offer you received in the comment section below!

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