Discover IT Miles Referral Bonus Extended

The Discover IT Miles card has always been an interesting card. Most of Discover’s card happen to fall into a 5% rotating category card. However, this card actually earns 1.5% back on all of your purchases. In a way, if you aren’t interesting in the rotating categories, then this would actually earn more than the 1% off category you would earn by using the Discover IT cards.

If you chose the Discover IT Miles card instead of the regular Discover IT cards, you may be in for a little bonus!

The Offer

If you are a current cardholder of the Discover IT Miles card, you are able to refer others to the card and receive a bonus. Both you, and the person you’re referring to, will receive $100 after the person getting referred makes at least one purchase on their card within 3 months.

Final Thoughts

The Discover IT Miles card is actually a unique card for Discover as it doesn’t follow the traditional 5% back rotating categories. This card instead earns 1.5% on each and every purchase. Of course, in addition to the $100, the card comes with a 2x for all of the cashback earned within the first year. That means that the Discover IT Miles actually would earn 3% back on every purchase within the first year.

Do you happen to own the Discover IT Miles card, and know someone that may want it? What do you think about this offer? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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