Disputing Charges on Chase Business Cards Now Live

When it comes to business credit cards, they hold a ton of value that personal cards just don’t have. With a few notable exceptions, they don’t show up on your credit report, they can offer some pretty high limits right out of the gate, and they also easily allow you to separate your business charges. While those are all great, the one thing that personal cards have business cards beat in, is in regard to personal liability protections. Chase and many other big players provide these protections anyway, but Chase is slowly closing that gap.

The News

Previously, if you ever had any sort of weird transaction you didn’t know about show up on your business credit card, you would have to call in. Chase has updated its online system to allow disputing! If you click on a charge a link will show up right underneath the memo as “dispute transaction”

Final Thoughts

I think it may be a coincidence, but maybe not; why would Chase implement this sort of option for us? Maybe their phone lines are just really busy due to coronavirus. But maybe this is a feature they were trying to provide anyway. And really, it makes sense to provide the ability to dispute transaction online, especially if the personal cards always offer it! Now, if we can get Chase to add in a memo section to their personal cards, I’d be set!

What do you think about this new ability? Have you used it already? Let us know your experience in the comment section below!

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