Earn 5x for Shipping and Advertising on Chase Business Cards

Do you own a business that spends a lot in shipping and advertising? Is that why you picked up a Chase business card in the first place? To get as many points as possible every time you spend money there? Well, I’ve got some good news if you happen to fall into both of those categories!

The Offer

This is a targeted offer for the Chase Business cards.. However, if you are targeted, you’ll be able to earn 5x on shipping and advertising (social media and search engine) from August 1st to October 31st. There is a maximum of $10,000 in spend that will earn that 5x spend.

In order to see if you qualify for this offer, you’ll have to login to your Chase account. Head to the Ultimate Reward page and open recent activity. From here, you’ll be able to see if the offer comes up under the featured benefits page.  

Final Thoughts

If this offer is showing up for you, I think it’s great! Normally spending on these categories for the Ink Preferred only earns you 3x, so the extra 2x could make a big difference. There is a spending limit of $10,000, so that limit would get you 50,000 total points, and if we’re being technical, you would earn 20,000 points in addition to the points you would earn normally. Of course, there are other cards this offer is showing up for, so you will get the full advantage there!

Still, if this offer shows up for you, and you are already spending that kind of money anyway, this is just icing on the cake. Check to see if you’ve been targeted for this offer in order to reap the benefits!

Has your business been targeted for this offer? Let us know your experience in the comment section below!

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