Earn 5x on Citi Prestige for Online Purchases (Limited Time)

Not too long ago, Citi made a change to their Prestige card to allow cardholders to use their $250 travel credit for supermarkets and restaurants. They are now offering another limited time change that should hopefully give the Prestige cardholders some more value to their card.

The News

Citi is offering 5x per dollar spent on the Prestige card for online purchases from now until August 31st. There will be a limit of 7,500 points being earned ($1,500). The other restriction for this offer is that this is only valid for those that have had the Prestige card since May 22nd.

Final Thoughts

Seeing that people are stuck at home, and the trend of online shopping has exploded, this is a pretty good move from Citi’s point of view. The Prestige card is their high annual fee product, so any way to keep people incentivized to not only use, but also keep the card is a win. Citi already made the travel credit easier to use, so this isn’t a bad way to get even more value from the card.

The only unfortunate part about this offer is that it’s only limited until the end of August. Still, not a bad thing, if you were already planning on spending that amount of money online anyway.

What do you think about this offer? What are you planning to buy online to max this offer out? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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