Earn an Extra 5,000 Hilton Points Per Night (Targeted)

What is more enjoyable then earning points for staying a night at a hotel? Earning even more points ontop of that! 

The Offer

Keep in mind, this is a targeted deal. However, if you have been targeted, the deal is getting an additional 5,000 points per night if you stay at a resort located within the Americas. There is a maximum of 30,000 points that can be earned, and each stay must be at least two nights for the extra points to be applied to your stay. 

This deal is for stays up to January 31st, 2020. The final restriction on this deal is that it can only be used once. 

Final Thoughts

With the deal set up the way it is, ideally you would have a 6 night stay to maximize the deal. Those 6 nights would earn a total of 30,000 Hilton Points. Additionally, you could of course double check if there happens to be a deal/offer on the credit card you’re going to use, such as Chase Offers or American Express deals. 

Can you use this sort of deal before the end of July 2020? Let us know below of your stay!

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