Frontier Increased Sign Up Bonus

When it comes to budget airlines in the United States, there aren’t too many names out there. However, when it comes to value and budget airlines, I usually think Frontier. This sort of mentality can also be reflected in the way the credit card works too. And now, for a limited time, they are offering an increased sign up bonus. 

The Offer

The standard offer on the Frontier credit card is 40,000 points. Frontier has increased that to 50,000 for spending $500 within the first 3 months.

Credit Card Summary

The Frontier card comes with a $79 annual fee that is not waived within the first year. For that annual fee, cardholders are getting 5x on, 3x on restaurants, and 1x on every other purchase. In addition to the reward categories, the Frontier card offers a $100 voucher after spending $2,500 within the cardmember year. Additionally, after $20,000 spend, you get Elite Status which gives you a free carry on bag plus the ability to pick a seat on any flight. 

Final Thoughts

While the Frontier card may not be a spectacular card, as it is for a budget airline, I don’t think it should be overlooked. For those of you out there that do fly Frontier, it could very well hold some value for you. On the bright side, the points hold more value than its competitors, who also make it just about impossible to redeem those points anyway. 

What do you think about this increased sign up bonus on the frontier card? Let us know down in the comments below!

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