Frontier No-Changes-Fee Changes to 60 Days

If you look at the aviation industry as a whole, it’s much cheaper to fly then pretty much any point in history. Part of that is due to consumer demand to get the cheapest possible flight, but also part due to the relatively low gas prices. There is no king of cheap flying like low cost airlines.

Low cost airlines like Frontier or Spirit’s business model also reinforces the low cost mentality. Charge the lowest possible amount for the actual ticket, and implement a fee for just about anything imaginable and you’ll make the difference back. 

The Change

Believe it or not, there are actually some good changes coming in regards to a fee. Frontier had a fee in place called the No Change Fee. Basically, if you were to make a change to your reservation with less than 90 days before your flight, it would be a $45 fee.

Frontier has since revised this fee. It is now 60 days before departure where this fee will kick in. Additionally, if you make a change less than 60 days out, the fee has now increased to $75. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, each and every company out there is trying to make a profit. In the case of low cost airlines, the biggest source of revenue is not from the airline tickets, but actually from all of the additional fees they charge. While this change does make it more consumer friendly in the sense to having more time before the fee kicks in, they’ve almost balanced it out by increasing the fee. 

What do you think about this change? Are you someone that frequently makes changes to their reservation? Let us know down in the comment section elbow. 

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