Global Entry Enrollment Centers Are Officially Open

When it comes to the airport, people are always looking for ways to circumvent the lines anyway that they possibly can. There are certainly many lines, and different programs for each of them. When coming back to the United States from a foreign country, one of the best ways to avoid lines is having Global Entry. However, due to coronavirus, it has not been possible to get an interview to get Global Entry in the first place. That is, until now.

The News

The Customs and Border Protection have reopened the enrollment centers for Global Entry as of September 8th!

Final Thoughts

I am so thankful that I applied for my Global Entry the year before, because if you were unfortunate enough to either apply or reapply in 2020, you were met with a massive wait and mass closures! Luckily, even before coronavirus was a think, once you were conditionally approved, you had a long time to go ahead and schedule the interview. But still, I don’t think anyone was expecting this to take so long.

I’m honestly surprised they didn’t open sooner, as it would have been pretty easy to protect the workers behind some plexiglass, and require everyone to wear masks and even sanitize their hands/the machine. I guess you do have to get your fingerprints taken for Global Entry, but still. That being said, it’s not like international travel is much of a thing right now anyway, so even if you were able to get it sooner, you would have been stuck with a wasted opportunity.

Have you been waiting to get an interview scheduled in 2020? Let us know your experience in the comment section below!

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