Happy Gift Cards Will Not Let You Buy Other Gift Cards

Gift cards are great because you can show someone that you care by knowing what they like, without giving them straight cash. To people in the credit card game, there are other uses for gift cards, earning money. 

With the “Happy” brand of gift cards being released a year ago, it looks like they are making some changes to them that will impact what you can do with the gift card.

The Change

According to the terms, the technical change is written as such: Card not usable to buy gift cards or pay prior debts. Interestingly enough, the change isn’t hard coded, not yet anyway.

Final Thoughts

It’s a shame people take advantage of things. If you think about it, why shouldn’t you be able to buy a gift card with a gift card? Or use a gift card to pay off debt? You’re just transferring money that’s on one card, and using it to pay off something else. In the world we live in though, it opens up a lot of different possibilities for abuse, it’s almost better not to allow this sort of thing. 

Still, if you happen to have a ton of gift cards, you can always sell them at a reduced rate or use them for their intended purpose over a long period of time.

What do you think about Happy’s policy change? Do you have a ton of Happy gift cards you’ll need to get rid of? Let us know below!

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