Harbor Freight Launches a New Credit Card

When it comes to my own personal life, Harbor Fright is a pretty useful store. When you maintain older cars on your own, some things from Harbor Fright can really make a big difference, such as low profile jacks for the low cars or electronic sensor testers that can only be found there. If you’re anything like me, you’d be happy to hear some of the most recent Harbor Freight news!

The News

Harbor Freight has launched a brand new credit card. This one is in partnership with Synchrony.

It does not come with an annual fee. The sign up bonus is getting 10% off of your first purchase. As far as the rewards are concerned, it earns 5% back at Harbor Freight in the form of Harbor Freight Money (not direct cashback that can be redeemed anywhere). Additionally, it comes with a 0% interest for purchases above $299.

The way the card is setup right now is actually a store card that cannot be used anywhere other than Harbor Freight. In the future, they plan to extend the functionality to ordering online from their website.

Final Thoughts

More or less, this is just a new store card. Getting 5% back at Harbor Freight is pretty nice, even if it only gives you cash that can only be redeemed there. I don’t think this card is worth a Chase 5/24 slot at all, however, if you’re way beyond that, and you have a big purchase planned at Harbor Fright, the 10% back for the first purchase could be pretty enticing. Just make sure that whatever you buy from Harbor Freight is of good quality!

Do you shop at Harbor Freight? What do you think about this offering? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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