Hilton and Lyft Create Partnership

Have you ever wondered if the money you spent riding Lyfts could be used for additional purposes? What if for every dollar you spent on Lyft, you could also earn points at a hotel that you could redeem sometime in the future? Enter the Hilton and Lyft partnership!

The Partnership

Make sure to link your two accounts as soon as possible! The points can not be earned retroactively, so it would be in your best interest to link them before you stay at Hilton or take any ride shares. You can link the accounts by clicking here.

In its current state, for every dollar you spent on Lyft, you can earn points at Hilton. If you to take a shared Lyft ride, you can earn 2x points at Hilton. Other Lyft services, such as Luxury, economy, and extra seats will all earn 3x points.  

Eventually, you will be able to earn Lyft rides while staying at Hilton, however that is a feature that will come later in the year. We will update the article when you are able to do so.

Additional Considerations

If you are wanting to earn extra Hilton points with this deal, you can use a Hilton card to pay for the Lyft as you’ll earn multiple points for each dollar you spend, the best part is the points stack! If you’ll notice, for Lyft is a ride share, which codes as travel for many different credit card issuers. If you were to pay for the Lyft with a travel credit card, you can earn a nice multiplier on the Lyft purchase + additional points at Hilton.

For the savvy, you will know that this is not Lyft’s first partnership. In fact, you can earn points by riding Lyfts on Delta and JetBlue. The best thing you can do is link all of these accounts to Lyft. That way, whenever you spend a dollar on Lyft, you can earn points on all three programs!

Final Thoughts

For those of you that already ride Lyfts, this is an excellent opportunity to earn some extra points. If you link all of these accounts, you could in theory spend your way to a vacation (airfare, hotel, and ride share services). That being said, as with anything, be careful not to spend money just because you will get points as that is a silly way to go about these sort of things. 

Is this a partnership you can take advantage of? Let us know your best ways to earn points below! 

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