Hilton Devalues Points Again

One of the scariest things about running a point based setup instead of a cashback one is finding out that the points you’ve been collecting are now worth less. As using credit card points has gotten more and more popular throughout the last few years, news like this does happen more often then we’d like. 

The Change

Back in 2017, Hilton hotels moved from a fixed price to dynamic pricing for its hotel rooms. Fixed pricing is something that we as consumers tend to like. It’s crystal clear on how many points you need to earn/spend to go on a specific trip. It also means that there is complete transparency. With the dynamic pricing, it makes it very difficult to see if you are getting value or not, compared to just last season. 

As far as the Hilton Devaluation, a ton of properties have gotten more expensive to book. This not only makes it harder to earn those free nights, but now the points are worth even less.

Final Thoughts

We already knew that Hilton points really aren’t worth too much. The Surpass (Aspire) card earns Hilton points at a rate up to 14 points per dollar at Hilton properties + the points you would earn just being a Hilton Honors member. That’s huge! 

Some hotel in the Hilton portfolio are getting more expensive, and frankly that makes these points worth even less then they already were. With the dynamic pricing it does make it more difficult to see these kind of things though! Still, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth staying at Hilton, it just means you’ll have to do some more math to figure out if you want to use points or just pay directly in cash. 

Does your favorite Hilton property cost more than it used to? Let us know your experience below!

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