Hilton Extended Free Nights Certs Until August 31st, 2021

With the Coronavirus making its way through the world, you email has probably been spammed by each and every company you’ve ever dealt with on how they are tackling the virus. While it’s great to get the message out, admittedly, with everything I’m subscribed too, it was actually a little bit annoying. There was one email that did stand out to me though, and that is how Hilton will be handling the free night certificates during this time.

Hilton’s Free Night Certificate Extension

With the inability of people to travel, let alone staying at a hotel, Hilton has made a great change to their Free Night Certificates. If you happen to have a free night that expires sometime in between March 11th and August 30, 2020 you would be in luck. These certificates will automatically be extended until August 31st of 2021. Currently, anything that expires August 31st, 2020 will remain with that date.

Final Thoughts

I feel that often times reward programs seem to forgot about those that actually have a free thing to redeem. It’s nice to see that Hilton is going out of their way to accommodate those that have the free night certificates. At most they are out 1 extra night per person, but I can tell you that it looks really good, and would definitely get me to stay more with the Hilton brand.

Are you one of those individuals that happen to have a free night extended? Where were you planning, or where are you now planning to use it? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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