Last Chance at Hilton Surpass (Aspire) Card With 130k + Free Weekend Night Offer

The Hilton hotels have a few different credit cards which are run by American Express. The personal cards range from a $0 annual fee up to a $450 annual fee. This type of setup is perfect based on the amount if money you are able to spend. The increased annual fee comes with increased benefits of course. However, for a while now, both the $0 annual fee Hilton Honors card and the $95 Hilton Surpass card have been offering some pretty great sign up bonuses.

Keep in mind that these offers expires soon, so if you’re interested, you may want to jump on these as soon as possible!

The Offer

Because there are two different credit card offers, I will break it down as such:

Hilton Honors;

The $0 annual fee credit card comes with an increased offer of 90,000 Hilton points if you are able to spend $3,000 within the first 3 months of account opening.

Hilton Honors Surpass

If you sign up for the $95 annual fee surpass card, you’re in for quite a treat. The increased offer is good for 130,000 Hilton Points and a Free Weekend Night if you can spend $4,000 within the first 4 months. 

The weekend night can be used at just about any of Hilton’s properties. There are a few notable exceptions, but really there is still a lot of great value to be had with that. 

Final Thoughts

This is such a huge offer to come from the Hilton cards. Just the 130,000 points alone is worth $650 if we value the Hilton points at 0.5 cents per point. However, I think the real value comes in the weekend night. The weekend night can be used at just about any Hilton property. If you’re creative enough, there are some properties that are worth twice that. 

Even without the huge sign up bonus, either of these cards, they are definitely worth picking up. The Hilton honors wont charge you an annual fee to keep it, and the Hilton Honors Surpass card has a ton of benefits including Gold status which is good for free breakfast. If upure a big spender hou could always earn diamond status; though you’re better off with the Aspire card at that point.

Still, remember that you dont have much time if you’re interested in either card. The increased offers expire August 28th!

Does this deal entice you enough to get the Hilton Honors/Surpass card? Let us know below! 

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