Hilton Upgrade Offers – 150,000 Hilton Points!

There are three different levels of credit cards in the Hilton portfolio. The regular Hilton Honors ($0 annual fee), the Ascend ($95), and the Aspire ($450). Each have their own benefits, and of course the $450 Aspire card has plenty of benefits. Because they are all issued by American Express, there’s an interesting consideration when it comes to the sign up bonuses.

The Strategy

American Express has the once in a lifetime rule, which states they will only give you a sign up bonus per card, once in a lifetime. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get the card multiple times, only the sign up bonus. A strategy that you can implement to maximize the number of sign up bonuses is upgrading the cards one by one. Starting with the $0 Hilton Honors, you would upgrade to the Ascend ($95) card once you get the offer and then upgrade to the Aspire ($450) once you get that upgrade offer. If you have been waiting to implement this strategy, check your accounts! This may be one of those times where it becomes worthwhile to do so.

The Offer

If you currently have the regular Hilton Honors card (the one without an annual fee) check those emails and/or log into your American Express accounts! Seriously, go check right now! American Express is sending out upgrade offers to the Ascend ($95) card. The offer includes 150,000(!) Hilton points for spending $3,000 in the first three months. 

Final Thoughts

This is a huge offer! Normally these types of upgrades from the Hilton Honors to the Ascend card are good for half the amount at 75,000 points. In the past, the highest upgrade offer was for 100,000 points. So this offer offer in comparison is amazing. While there are 150,000 point upgrade offers, that is reserved for the Ascend ($95) to the Aspire ($450) card. 

Because of American Express’ rules on sign up bonuses, the absolute best strategy that you can do is apply for the normal Hilton Honors ($0) card and complete the sign up bonus, wait until you get an upgrade offer to the Ascend ($95) (This offer!), wait until you get another upgrade offer to the Aspire and complete the upgrade offer there too. Of course, this is a really long term game, but it is the most profitable way to go within American Express’ rules.

What do you think about the Hilton Ascend upgrade offer? Does this apply to you? Let us know below! 

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