H&M Launches Loyalty Program

H&M is a popular clothing store that offers many different styles of clothes at a relatively good price. Recently they announced they are launching a loyalty program!

The Program Details

When you sign up for the loyalty program, you will be getting 20% off of your first order. For every dollar you spend, you will be receiving 1 point in the program. There are a few milestones that you can hit with the points.

Every 200 Points will reward you with $5. The $5 is automatically given to you when you reach the 200 points. You must use that $5 within 90 days, otherwise you will lose it. When you reach 500 total points, you will become an Plus level member, giving you free shipping and early access to limited collections. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you spend a ton of money at H&M, it doesn’t cost you anything to be part of the program, so it’s not a bad thing. You would technically be getting back 2.5% for every dollar you spend at H&M. Of course, having 90 days to spend the $5 reward you get stinks too. Luckily it’s not a one time deal, and being. Plus Level member does have its advantages.

What do you think about this loyalty program? Let us know below!

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