How to Get Into Pentagon Federal Credit Union

The financial crash of 2008 really shook the financial industry. Many different people blamed the banks, and insisted that people take their money out of the big banks and put it into credit unions instead. Credit unions have advantages including better rates. But what if you can get into one of the better credit unions out there with the potential to get high credit limits, Pentagon Federal? What does it take to get in, and what if you are not active or retired military? 

Joining Penfed the Normal Way

Generally, when it comes to military credit unions, the quick and easy rule is that you have to have some sort of association with the military, and that’s also true here. You can either be someone who served in the United States Military, uniformed services, be an employee of the US government, or be related to anyone of the above.

Joining Penfed the Roundabout Way

What if you haven’t served, or are not related to anyone that has served? You can join the other way! You have two options in this regard. You can either join the National Military Family Organization for $15 or join the Voices for America’s Troops for $14. 


In total, there are 5 ways to join Penfed which are listed below:

  1. People who have served in the United States Military or Uniformed services
  2. People that work for the U.S. government
  3. Someone who is related to either of the first two requirements
  4. People who join the National Military Family Organization ($15)
  5. People who join the Voices for America’s Troops ($14)

Once you meet these requirements you can either fill out the fill out the Membership Application or go directly into a Penfed branch. From there, your application will be processed, and hopefully you’ll be a new member! Keep in mind, there will probably be a hard inquiry when you do join.

For me, I have not served, and I am not related to anyone that has. So while there are other military credit unions I’d be barred from joining, I could actually join Pentagon Federal while at the same time showing my support.

Are you a member of Penfed? What is your experience with them? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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