How To Transfer Points Over to Transfer Partners

We’ve learned that the best way to travel with the use of credit cards is by earning and using points. But when it comes time to take a vacation or to travel for business, what’s the best way to do it, and how do we actually go about doing it?  

Why You Would Want to Transfer Points Over to Transfer Partners (Calcs)

When it comes time to travel, you have two ways to pay for it, either with cash, or with points and miles. We know exactly what we’re getting when we look at the cash price for a flight or hotel room, but when is it worth using points? Simple, when it’s cheaper than the cash price. 

Lets take an example of a Hyatt hotel that costs $400 per night, and 15,000 points per night. We know that the cash price is is $450, so we are trying to beat that rate with points. If we were transfer 15,000 Ultimate Reward points to Hyatt, that would equal $150 if we redeemed those points for cashback. So which is the better deal? Using points! Depending on how you look at it, you’re only using $150 worth of points to get a room that costs $450 if we used cash. Alternatively, we can say we’re getting a value of 3 cents per point.

Doing transfer like these are always worth it because we are getting value. If the points cost more than the cash rate, then it would not be worth doing, and you should instead save the points for a better redemption. In the worst case, you’re earning points for travel when you pay in cash. 

How to Transfer Points Over to Transfer Partners

So how do we actually transfer the points that we’ve earned on a credit card over to a transfer partner? While this may be obvious, make sure the card you want to transfer from actually lets you transfer points over to a transfer partner.  For cards like the Sapphire Reserve, there will be an option in the Ultimate Reward portal to transfer points. From here, you can transfer points to any of the companies that Chase is partnered with. 

Final Thoughts

Whenever you are earning points, it makes traveling much harder to plan out! But the reward for doing so are huge. Using points allows you to save so much money on things you’d normally spend money on including hotels and airfare. While you can always use the travel portal to earn a multiplier on redeemed points, to get the maximum amount of value, you’d really have to learn how to transfer points to partners.

From here, you can earn many cents per point redeemed. Just make sure, before you transfer any points over, that you are absolutely sure that you have a redemption in mind, and that the redemption is valuable. There’s no point in using points if you aren’t getting value; save it for a time you do!

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