HSBC Cards Will Earn 3x At Grocery, Convenience, and Wholesale Stores

When it comes to business, there is an incredibly overused saying. It may be overused, but that’s because, frankly, it’s true. If you can’t beat them, join them. When you look at what HSBC’s competition is doing, it only makes sense. 

The News

HSBC has sent out emails about its two different cards, the Premier and the Premier Elite. Take a look below, to see the different changes coming to these cards. 

Premier Elite
  • 3x at grocery stores, convenience stores, and wholesale clubs
  • Use Uber credit for UberEATS. Max $20 per usage (5x$20 and to get all $100 back)
  • 2x at grocery stores
  • Use Uber credit for UberEATS, but max credit is $50

It looks like the grocery benefits will last until June 30th. 

Final Thoughts

You can say what you want about HSBC (it’ll probably be true), but at least they are also stepping up to match their competition. With the way things are right now, adding benefits to grocery store is a great universal thing, as no matter where you are, the grocery stores have to remain open. If you are more into take out, then you can use the Uber credit for UberEATs. I don’t know why that wasn’t an option before, but it is one now. 

What do you think about this offer? If you have either one of these cards, are these benefits you are going to use? Or are you going to use a different card for your grocery spending? Let us know down i the comment section below. 

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