Hyatt and Lindblad Expeditions Create Partnership

Have you ever wanted to take a cruise to some exotic locations such as Antarctica, or the Far Eastern part of Russia? You may be looking to book a cruise through Lindblad Expeditions! These expeditions can be very expensive though, so as you would imagine, what do we want to present with you? The way to maximize every dollar you spend!

The Partnership Details

Both Hyatt and Lindblad have partnered up. In order to get these benefits, you’ll have to book the expedition through Hyat directly. However, if you do so, the benefits you get are as follows:

  • -Every dollar spent will get you 5x Hyatt points + any bonuses for your Hyatt Status
  • -Nights on the Lindblad Expeditions will count towards your Hyatt Status
  • -$250 Onboard Credit per trip
  • -Ability to book the Lindblad Expedition through FIND
  • Additionally, redemptions for the Lindblad Expeditions through Hyatt points start at 1.6 cents per point. 

Final Thoughts

The major disadvantage in this partnership is that in order to get the benefits, you’ll have to book with Hyatt instead of booking directly. It’s very possible that you’ll be paying more to get benefits from Hyatt. That being said, depending on how much you care about the Hyatt benefits, this could be amazing deal. Especially if you were already planing on taking these expeditions anyway, there’s nothing wrong with getting free nights from Hyatt toward your status.

While the Lindblad Expeditions are expensive, do you see yourself using this partnership? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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