Hyatt Offers Upgrade Bonus to World of Hyatt

Do you happen to still own the old Hyatt credit card? The one with the $75 annual fee? It’s very possible that you have been selected for offer to upgrade to the World of Hyatt credit card.

The World Of Hyatt Credit Card

When Chase relaunched the the Hyatt card into the World of Hyatt card, they did a few things besides give it a new look and increase the annual fee by $20. They increased the earning rates for Hyatt hotels from 3x to 4x, and expanded the 2x category to include public transit and gym memberships, and airplane tickets. 

The Upgrade Offer

So, if you have the older Hyatt card and wish to upgrade, Chase/Hyatt will give you the opportunity to do by offering a whopping 3,500 Hyatt points! Oh, and you have to spend $1,500 by June 30th in order to get those points too. 

The Better Alternative

According to the terms outlined in the application for the World of Hyatt card, you are not eligible for the sign up bonus if you have received the Hyatt sign up bonus within the last 24 months. 

If you are considering upgrading to the World of Hyatt card, I would suggest you wait until after 24 months have passed since you received the sign up bonus on that card. After that, you should close your account, and sign up for the World of Hyatt card. The sign up bonus on the World of Hyatt credit card is 50,000 Hyatt points for spending a total of $6,000 within the first 6 months (it’s tiered so be careful). I think that is a much better way to upgrade to the new card! However it assumes that you are ok with another hard inquiry and you are under Chase’s infamous 5/24 rule. 

Final Thoughts

The 3,500 point upgrade is really a surprisingly weak upgrade offer. Just about any other hotel credit card out there will at least match the sign up bonus of the current card, but more often than not, the upgrade offer beats the current offer. When you compare 3,500 vs 50,000 points, it’s a wonder if anyone takes this offer. Granted, it is higher than the previous offer of 2,000 points, which I think is just pathetic. 

The only reason I could see anyone take this is if they’re way over 5/24 or do not want to have another hard inquiry. I just don’t see why you wouldn’t just apply for the world of Hyatt credit card directly. Sure the annual fee has been increased by $20, but the benefits it comes with are pretty nice. If you are only keeping the card open to keep the free night, then by all means, keep the $75 Hyatt card instead. You’ll have to figure it out for yourself if it’s worth it in your circumstance. 

What do you think about this offer? Would you take it, or would you rather apply directly for the newer card? Let us know below!

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