IHG Extending Free Night Certs If You Call In

At a time where I really wanted to start investing heavily into travel, the coronavirus has really changed the way we live our lives. Travel is incredibly restricted for obvious reasons, which makes it difficult for us to take advantage of deals in this space. IHG has officially taken a step from both Hilton and Marriott. 

The News

If you happen to have a free night certificate, whether from the credit card or from something else, and it is due to expire pretty soon, you’re going to be in luck. So long as the certificate expires on or before April 30th, you will have the chance to extend it out up to 6 months from now. The only caveat here is that the extension is not automatic, it will only be extended if you go ahead and contact IHG. 

The best way to go about this is to call in to IHG. When you call the automated line, the quickest way to the right person is by saying “rewards” and then “representitive”. Once you get here, you’ll want to say that you would like to extend your free night certificate. The representative should be able to cancel the current one you have, and offer you a new one with an extended date of 6 months. In the case that the representative is difficult or doesn’t want to extend it out for some reason, you’ll want to hang up and try again. 

Final Thoughts

In a weird twisted way, coronavirus is bringing us all in together. This is something that the entire world is going through at the same time, so it’s nice to see that businesses are actually being fair about something. In IHG’s case, it’s unfortunate that the free night certificate isn’t automatically extended out like Hiltons. But, it is nice to see that there is some sort of relief. 

I would advise any one of you that are seeing this article to let all of your IHG friends know that this is their policy as of now, and there is way to extend these certificates. Hopefully, we will see IHG extend these out as we get more and more people calling in. 

Have you called in? What is your experience in getting these free nights extended? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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