JetBlue Becomes a Capital One Transfer Partner, 50% Bonus at Launch

Capital One shocked us all last November when they introduced transfer partners to its reward program. Since then, they have added in a few new airlines to the program a month late. It seems that they are on a roll, and adding another one!

The News

Capital One is adding a new airline to its reward program, and the airline is JetBlue! Like the last few airlines to join the program, it will take 2 Capital One points to get 1 JetBlue point. The original list of airlines offered a 2:1.5 transfer ratio. However, for the entire month of May, Capital One is offering a 50% bonus on the points transferred to JetBlue. That means you are getting that 2:1.5 transfer rate; in other words, if you transfer 20,000 Capital One points, you will get 15,000 points for the month of May, and 10,000 JetBlue points after that. 

Final Thoughts

I’m still fairly optimistic about Capital One trying to get into the transfer partner game. Since they launched their program a few months ago, they have worked out some deals with 3 additional airlines. While these points don’t transfer at a 1:1 rate like some other programs out there, it’s still nice to see they are actively offering these options for people that may use them! 

What’s even better is that for the month of May, we are getting a 50% bonus on any points transferred over. If you are an avid JetBlue flyer, this is as good of a deal as you’ll probably get for a while from Capital One

What do you think about Capital One and its transfer partner program? Let us know below!

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