JetBlue Business Card Offering 60k Points Sign Up Bonus

When it comes to airlines that we should talk about more but don’t really consider, JetBlue is at the top of that list. I’ve always had pretty good experiences with them. If you share the sentiment, and are in the market for a business credit card, JetBlue is offering a very good deal. 

The Offer

If you apply for the JetBlue card right now, you’ll have the chance to earn a total of 60,000 points. As with many of Barclay’s cards, the offer is split up into two parts. The first 50,000 can be earned by spending $1,000 within the first 3 months. The remaining 10,000 points can be earned by having one of your employees making a purchase (on their own card). 

Credit Card Details

As far as the business card itself, the card comes with a $99 annual fee which is not waived within the first year. For that fee, the earning rates for the card are as follows:

  • 6x JetBlue
  • 2x restaurants and office supply stores
  • 1x everywhere else

In addition to the point earning, holding the card comes with a few benefits. The most important benefit is the checked luggage! Cardholders will be able to get free checked bags for up to 3 other people on the itinerary. Every year on renewal, you’ll also earn 5,000 points. Speaking on points, when it comes time to redeem those points, you’ll be able to get a 10% rebate on all of the points you spend. 

Final Thoughts

This 60,000 point offer actually ties the previous best offer. In my book, that means we have an all time high sign up bonus! Previously, the best was 50,000 points, which is still pretty good. JetBlue’s points are worth about 1.3 cents per point, which would mean that 60,000 point offer would be worth about $780 dollars, not a bad bonus at all!

If you are interested in this card, you’ll be happy to know that being a Barclays business card, you wont have to worry about your 5/24 status as it wont show up on your personal credit report. As always, you should be aware of Barclay’s rules before applying though!

Are you a JetBlue enthusiast? What do you think about this offer on the business card? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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