KeyBank Has Released New Credit Card

While they may not make the list of most recognizable banks, KeyBank is he 28th largest bank in the United States. Located in Ohio, it is part of KeyCorp. It was finally time for them to create their 4th credit card, and we have the latest details about the card. 

KeyBank Cashback Credit Card Summary

Holding the KeyBank card will cost you $0 as there is no annual fee. There is a sign up bonus of $100 if you are able to spend $500 within the first TWO (not three) months of opening the account. 

As far as rewards go, you will earn 1.5% cashback on all of your purchases unless you bank with KeyBank. If you do have a bank account with them, you would get 2% on all of your purchases. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, at its very best, the card earns 2% on all purchases if you happen to have a KeyBank account. There are other credit cards that also earn 2% cashback on all purchases without the requirement of needing to bank with KeyBank. If you do happen to bank with them, you could use this as a 2% credit card without needing to apply for a different card. Still, if you decide at a later date to close the bank account, you are now stuck with a card that only earns 1.5%. Unless you are in the credit builder stage of your credit journey, I would never advocate for a card that only earns 1.5%, 2% should be the minimum that you strive for (on all of your credit card purchases). 

What do you think about the KeyBank credit card? Do you bank with them and want their card? Let us know below!

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