Marriott and Emirates Will Continue Partnership

Before the Marriott merger with SPG, SPG had a partnership with Emirates. Once Marriott took over, the Emirates partnership was put on hold. However, it looks like the partnership is back for all Marriott members. 

The Partnership Details

The partnership between Marriott and Emirates allows members of both programs to earn points simultaneously. The earning rates are broken down as follows:

  • Marriott Elite Members: earn 3 points per dollar spent On Emirates 
  • Emirate Elites Members: Earn 1 Emirate mile per dollar spent on Marriott purchases

In addition to the obvious reward earning, there are also other benefits of this partnership. If you happen to be a Marriott Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite, or Ambassador Elite, you will receive in the airport benefits including priority check in and priority boarding. If you happen to be a Emirates Skywards Silver, Gold, or Platinum member will receive benefits at Marriott hotels including: 4pm checkout, access to Elite check in, and complimentary in room WiFi. 

Final Thoughts

There have been other partnerships that we’ve written about between hotels and airlines. I always think they are pretty neat, allowing you to plan a whole vacation from points that you’ve earned from each program. However, all of those partnerships just include the ability to earn additional points and that’s about it.

With this partnership, not only are you earning points in both program, but the members that are high up in the loyalty program can earn some pretty useful benefits such as priority boarding, late check out/early check in and even free WiFi. Just an added set of benefits that you usually don’t see in these kind of deals. 

What do you think of this partnership? Are you earning points at both programs? Let us know below!

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