Marriott Looking to Add 1,700 New Hotels by 2021

Marriott has been pretty busy the last year or so. They bought out SPG, had to integrate that system into their own, had to deal with IT issues, SPG data breach, combining both American Express and Chase’s credit card programs, and finally releasing the Bonvoy system. Just when you thought they were going to slow down, we got news of their planed expansion. 

The News

Marriott is already the biggest hotel chain in the world after acquiring the SPG brand. They own a total of 6,900 different hotels. However, it does not look like they are planning on slowing down their expansion anytime soon. 

By 2021, Marriott is getting ready to acquire an additional 1,700 new hotels to its portfolio. In the Asian market, Marriott is looking to acquire two different hotels every week until 2020. This would be a total of 300 different properties. 

Final Thoughts

Marriott is already the biggest hotel chain in the world, and just when I thought they would focus on other things, they are concerned about expanding out. Adding 1,700 new hotels is a huge number, especially when you consider their timeframe of only a couple of years to do so. If you take a look at their 6,900 hotels, adding 1,700 would be about a quarter of what is already in their portfolio. This is just incredible! 

It should be interesting to see how their expansion into the Asian market will go. When it comes down to it, there really aren’t that many hotel brands as big as Marriott. I’ll probably have to join them at some point! Though I just hope with these expansions, they start enforcing rules at these properties. 

What do you think of Marriotts expansion plan? Let us know below!

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