Marriott Makes Changes to Points Advance

Have you ever wanted to reserve a room with points, but weren’t 100% of your travel plans just yet? What if you could make that booking without your points being deducted? This is the current way the Points Advance feature on Marriott works! However, it looks like they are making a change to this feature. 

The News

The way the points advance feature works now, is that if you need to make a booking, you could select the “points advance” option. The only thing to be sure of is that 14 days before the booking, you would need to have the points in your account, as it will deduct them at that time. If you didn’t have the points, the reservation would be canceled. 

In an interesting move, Marriott has changed the way this works if you have the required number of points to make that reservation. If you have the required number of points to make a reservation, the “points advance” option will no longer show. In addition to this new restriction, the points advance feature will now only show up if the reservation is for a night that is more than 30 days from the current date. 

Final Thoughts

I feel the reason that Marriott made this change was to stop speculative bookings. The issue is that I think does more harm than good. If you wanted to plan a trip a year in advance, but also another one before than, and you had the required points, it will now deduct the points for both trips. Previously, you could put the trip that’s a year from now on points advance, and not lock up your points for planing the reservation.

Besides, it looks like you can just make a dummy booking, have your points deduct, and then with less points than required, do the “points advance” feature on the trip that you wanted to. Then you can cancel the dummy booking and you’re good to go. I think this creates an extra step, and in turn, could create even more possible speculative bookings.

What do you think of Marriott’s Point Advance policy change? Is this a feature you use? Let us know below!

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